50+ Website Design
50+ Logo

50+ Brand Design

50+ was a project to design an identity, website and material for a recruitment agency that specialise in employment for the over 50’s. Using the information from the brief I was able to use colours that displayed the professionalism of the company as well as ensuring that the website could be understood by people over 50.

Technologies Used:

Photoshop CC Illustrator CC inDesign CC
50+ Logo
50+ Website

Website Homepage

The website was designed to be eye catching from the start by ensuring that the “Find A Job" section was in the middle of the screen as the first point of call. Underneath would be information about the company and why you should choose 50+ as your recruitment choice. By using this floating search box in the middle of the screen it enables you to start here and search for your dream job.

Job Advert & Material

Below is the final website in full, the layout of the job advertisement and the material such as business card and letterhead. The job advertisement is clear with each piece of information clearly positioned within the box in order as you would expect. From this you can either apply for the job, add it to a shortlist of jobs to apply to later or view more information about the position. The material is following the same font and colour theme from the website so that it is consistent but also laid out in an easy to read and clearly labeled piece of promotional material.

Job Description Box Business Card & Letter Head Design