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Have you ever wanted to go out to a restaurant and you keep texting backwards and forwards? Never ending texting getting confusing? Then this is where comes in. Based on a restaurant finder, the idea is to create events and add places you would want to go and share this event with friends and then vote for your desired place. The logo is based on the concept of incorporating friends to vote for a location to go to so the use of a group icon and a location pin brings these both together.

Technology Used:

Sketch Logo

Mobile App

The mobile version shows the journey that the user will take when navigating through this app. Starting with the splash screen is shows you in a few steps what each section of the app does such as create an event, share your event and then vote on the event. To start simply create an event with a date, time and start searching for places you would like to go but want to vote on. Either add these to your event or view more information based on this location, then once you have added enough places to vote on simply share your event where you can edit the list by removing or adding more and sharing it with friends from Facebook or via email. On the voting screen you can see a full overview of who has voted, which location has the most votes and the ones that you have also voted on.

Tablet Web App

The tablet version follows the same format and path as the mobile version but you have more interaction available so when you are searching for a venue to go to you can either search by place or move the map and the results will change based on the movement of the map. When results are shown on the left or locations you have added to your list to share you can see these results on the map in a more realistic view making it even easier to see where each place is.