CookiesHQ Website Re-Design
CookiesHQ Logo

CookiesHQ Website Re-design

One of my first projects when working for CookiesHQ was to re-design their entire website and also update their logo to look more modern by using a different typeface and to clear the cookie face up a little bit. The main aim for the website was to be clean, simple and attract your attention to the content so by using white as a background you are able to achieve this allowing images and text to stand out from the page. The final website can be viewed here

Technology Used:

CookiesHQ Logo
CookiesHQ Homepage

Homepage Design

The homepage consists of a large full page image to start with outlining what the company does and is the starting point for the website, then information pulled form their old website is displayed in a more structured and modern way. The homepage contains all of the information needed from one page rather than being on separate pages, it doesn’t only look nice being nearly all on one page but also allows for quicker loading giving the website better SEO results.

CookiesHQ Blog Page

Blog Page

The company is very heavy on blogging so the blog page had to be a page that could not only attract active bloggers but also potential clients by laying the information out in the same style as the homepage but in a more structured look and feel. The use of a large header image draws the reader in and then the content. Well I think it speaks for it self.

Webpage Layouts

Below are the 3 pages that I designed as the homepage, blog page and the case study page. The case study page is the crown jewel of the website, focused purely on the attention of grabbing new clients it is a place for the company to outline each project they have done and break down each project from information on the client and the final outcome that was produced. The layout is completely different to the rest of the site so that it catches your eye and makes you want to contact them about a similar project.

Portfolio Boxes

On the portfolio page we designed animation browsers for each project so when you scroll over them an overlay will roll up over the top allowing you to click on a link and then proceed to that project. You can see this happening here