Daler Rowney Pad Designs
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Dalery Rowney Pad Design

A college project where a pad design was briefed to us, using the brand Daler Rowney design a set of 3 pad designs for lined, sketch and graph paper pads. The approach that I took on this was using the back from their logo as the main background colour and using colours that represent each type of page. I also use the style of Paul Smith and his fragrance brand as it used coloured lines that I was after so this gave me the influence needed to produce the pads in this style.

Technologies Used:

Illustrator C4 inDesign C4
Daler Rowney Logo

Pad Designs

The 3 pad designs are based on the same style using information about the pad first including the dimensions and then a 3 word message for what each pad is made for as a little added gimmick. The Paul Smith coloured lined are added into the top right corner of each pad and reflect what each pad is designed for so that the information in the bottom left reflects the image in the top right corner.