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Digestive.io Web App

A web app to allow developers to manage their webpages, app and more web based projects all in once place. The app allows you to manage your integrations such as pivotal tracker, github, codeship etc… and anything that happened on these projects you will be notified the next day if anything happened. The branding for this project is based on a digest of information so this has been reflected in the design of the logo using an information style icon and the name of the app next to it. The app can be found here

Technology Used:

Digestive.io Logo
Digestive.io Dashboard

Dashboard Design

The main layout for the web app is that each website or app is placed into a project and within these projects your integrations that developers use can be added to this app and any information from delays to errors on a page can be displayed here in a concise and detailed way. This allows developers to get on with their work in a more notification free manner and only view the information either in the morning via email or on the app when they feel like.

Web App Design

Below is the process you would take from signing up, to creating your first team and viewing information on your project that you have added. With lots on integrations to add you can add the ones that you use on a daily basis via a web hook and manage your projects from one screen rather than many. The digest screen allows you to view information within a timeframe that suites you and you can also filter your different integrations and only view the information that you want to see.

Daily Digest

Every morning you will receive a digest of what happened the day before so that each morning you have a detailed list of any work that needs to be done on any of the projects that you manage. Each integration is separated into sections and if anything have come up then the information will be listed on the email but a the top you have a quick overview if anything happened yesterday and you can see at a glance if anything came up before scrolling down.