Knife Crime Campaign Billboard
Knife Crime Logo

Knife Crime Campaign

A college project to produce a campaign image for a billboard to do with knife crime. The purpose of the project was to make the image readable within around 3 seconds as if you were driving past in a car, so the use of large font and a striking image is the key to this project. Within this project I used both design and photography to complete this and bring the campaign together.

Technology Used:

Photoshop CS4
Knife Crime Logo

Campaign Image

The final image was based on pouring someones life away so to play on this I used a jug full of blood (not real blood) to show the impact of this image with large bold block font. The message plays on when you stab someone your pouring their life and yours away and using the same colour as the blood on the font it keeps the message in relation to the image. The image was then placed onto a billboard to show how it would look if it were printed out in real life.