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Morrisons Shopping App

A YCN brief for Morrisons and find a way to improve a shoppers experience using any means so I decided to go down the technology route as this was increasing and more people use mobiles to do their shopping. From making list to checking prices on the go I wanted to design an app that allows you to shop both online and in store from one place.

Technologies Used:

Photoshop CS5 Illustrator CS5
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Online Shopping Homescreen

Online Shopping

The online store is a venture that Morrisons has gone down but took the time to make sure that the move was right so when it came out I wanted to embrace this move and make it available through this app. Within the app you can search all the food available through the online store and order it for home delivery with ease. While I was making this app Morrisons produced one also but currently lacks solid design input and only seems to be focused on functionality rather than the look.

In Store Scanning Feature

In Store Shopping

On the home screen you have the option to choose which shopping you would like to do either online shop or in store shop. The in store shopping is something in the line of Tescos in store shopping but you can do it from the comfort of your phone. This will work when you tap "In Store" you select the store you are shopping at and the items in that store are available to be scanned. Once your shopping has finished then you scan a barcode that displays on the phone at the checkout and all the shopping you have scanned allows you to pay and go.

App Design

From online shopping to in store shopping you can easily navigate through the menus with ease, even online if you want to view information about a product it will display all information related to that products in a structure similar to the website version. You can pay and select a delivery time that suits you and safely and securely knowing that everything you have chosen will be delivered to you without a hitch.