The Filter Dashboard Design
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The Filter Dashboard Design

The filter is a dashboard project that required a dashboard to manage the sales of a company by showing and displaying different aspects of the business such as most searched item, average basket value, worst selling item etc… so at a glance you can see in real time the overall picture of a company and help to improve sales.

Technologies Used:

Photoshop CS5 Illustrator CS5
The Filter Logo
The Filter Dashboard


At a glance from the dashboard there are some pre set features built in to see how the business is doing from a financial view, from the dashboard you can view multiple parts to the business and have the option to add more to the display if your business requires it. Within each card the numbers are in bold and in big font to draw you attention when looking at any of the cards as this is the most important feature to the dashboard.

The Filter Statistics


The home dashboard only tell one side of the story so if you want to view more information about the impact these results had say over the year, then click the flip icon at the bottom of each card and you will be displayed with 1 of 2 screens where you can see an overview from the timescale chosen on the dashboard.

Information Layout

With only a few screens for the dashboard the operation is very complex with a lot of information being transmitted every second so the design needed to be robust and also simple but still showing the information required by the client. The layout of using cards makes each piece of information have its own personal space where each card can be moved around to suit a persons own personal preference.