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This is Dragons Den alternative to pitching new business ideas to members of the public and investors that want to own a percentage of this new business. The idea is to allow the pitchers to pitch their idea and using the web app, you can place bids on the pitch easily and effectively on your device.

Technology Used:

The Perfect Pitch Logo
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This app gives people the control to view the current and upcoming pitches and choose to invest in the idea. You have the option to be in or out and if your in you can invest and if not, then your out and you can sit back and watch the pitch going on and people placing bids to a live audience.

App Design

The main layout of the app is clean and simple with not a lot of information as the main purpose of the app is to make sure that the investors are watching the pitch rather than the app, so if they want to invest then they can quickly within a few seconds and get back to watching the pitch. The design of the app is to not make people think but rather there to invest or not and then quickly resume to watching the pitch commencing.

Banner Layout

The 3 pitches that where live where Pocket Anatomy, Pod Point and Readbug and these are the designs for the header images on the app so when you are viewing the app on either mobile or tablet you can easily see which pitch you are viewing from the header image. Showing a taste of what is to come and potentially invest on the pitches.